Christmas Concerts 2018

St. Comán's Woods PS Christmas Concerts will take place on Tuesday 11th, Wednesday 12th and Thursday 13th of December from 7.00pm-9.15pm. These will be held on the stage in the Junior site. The children have been busy rehearsing and are looking forward to seeing you all on the night of their performance. To view the timetable for the Christmas Concerts, please click here 

Scór na bPáistí

Congratulations to all our children who took part in Scór na bPáistí recently. We are so proud of you all.

    Board of Management Report

    The Board of Management of St. Comán's Wood Primary School held a meeting on November 20th, 2018. To view the report from this meeting, please click here

    Science Week

    Science week kicked off this week in St. Comán's Wood, with many classes engaging in extra science activities. A number of parents and people in the community volunteered to come into the school to talk about various topics with the classes. Check back here over the coming days to read all about our Science Week activities! 

    SciFest 2018 in 5th Class

    Well done to the pupils in Ms McGuire's and Ms Gately's 5th class who demonstrated at SciFest 2018 in the CBS on Thursday November 15th as part of Science Week. They did themselves and their school very proud and were highly commended by the judges who remarked on the high standard of their projects. Well done to Tom, Tommy, David, Matthew, Lauren, Elia, Samara, Alyssa and Mia.


      Science Experiments in 5th Class

      Well done to the pupils in Ms McGuire's and Ms Gately's 5th class for a very informative and interesting Science demonstration in the GP room today. Some of us also demonstrated our experiments as part of SciFest 2018 in the CBS this week. A special mention to David King who was awarded best communicator at SciFest. Well done David!

        Skeleton Talk in 3rd Class

        A big thank you to Ashish's mother Padma, who came in to speak with our 3rd classes about the skeleton as part of science week. She is a physiotherapist and was able to tell the children a lot of interesting facts about our bones. Here are some of the facts the children learned:

        • We have a sternum bone that looks like a tie and some of our ribs connect to it.
        • We have 64 bones in our arm.
        • There are 206 bones in our bodies.
        • Babies have more bones than adults have.
        • Our jaw bone is the only bone in our skull that moves.
        • Some people are born with double joints.
        • The smallest bone in our body is called the stirrup and it's in our ear.
        • Our shoulder is a ball and socket joint, while our elbows have hinge joints.
        • When we breathe, our ribs move.

        It was very informative and interesting. Thank you Padma!

        Biodiversity Talk in 3rd Class

        As part of science week, David Fallon visited Ms Leonard's 3rd class and gave a talk to the children about biodiversity. Here is what the children had to say about his visit:

        Etain's dad, David Fallon, came into our classroom today to talk to us about the bog. He taught us that a bog starts with a lake and that overtime sphagnum moss grows there and eventually forms peat. The bog is made up of water, grass and peat. The bog is so soft that things can sink in it. He showed us a picture of a crane that had sunk. The bog is 90% water. He said that people are destroying bogs in lots of ways such as by planting trees in the bog or by removing all of the peat.

        Over thousands of years the sphagnum moss turns into peat/turf. He brought in some sphagnum moss. The moss had lots of clean water in it. The water started dripping when Ruth squeezed it. We all got a chance to squeeze the moss later in the day. It contained a lot of water! Sphagnum moss sucks in carbon dioxide during the day and lets out oxygen at night. That's one of the reasons why our bogs are so important. Our air wouldn't be as clean without the bogs.He also showed us lots of pictures.  One of the pictures was of him holding a little lobster. There are lots of animals and plants living on the bog such as badgers and many types of insects. Some birds lay their eggs on the bog and the bog provides camouflage. 

        We learned a lot about bogs. It was very interesting. All thanks to Etain's Dad, David!

        Recap by Merlin, AJ, Dean and Amy

        Irish Survey for Parents

        Dear Parents,

        This year, as part of the school self-evaluation process, we are focusing on the development of Irish in our school. As part of this process, we are looking for feedback and insight from all members of our school community. This feedback will be invaluable to us, as it will help inform our planning for the teaching and learning of Irish within our school.

        We are asking parents for their views and would be very grateful if you could take a few minutes to complete a short survey by clicking here or on the button below.

        Thank you for your continued support!

        Halloween Fashion Show

        Photos featured in @RoscommonPeople

        Our Parents' Association organised a Halloween Fashion Show in the school on Friday, 26th October. All money raised will be donated to Focus Ireland. Well done to everyone who put huge effort into dressing up. We were blown away by the creativity exhibited.

        Well done also to Ms. O'Connor and Ms. J. Mannion who won the 'Best Dressed Teacher' competition on the junior and senior site respectively.

        Road Safety Authority

        Thank you to Caroline Jordan from the Road Safety Authority (RSA) for visiting our school this week. She spoke to a number of our classes about road safety and ensured that our children are familiar with the rules of the road and how they can best stay safe in the car, when walking and when cycling. The children also learned the Safe Cross Code and a number of volunteers performed the dance for the other children.

        Heritage in Schools

        Heritage in Schools Expert, David Swift has been involved in Irish historic recreation work for more than 20 years. Our pupils were treated to a powerful presentation on military attire and weaponry used during the 1916 Rising and the War of Independence. Pupils had the opportunity to inspect David's unique and varied collection of artefacts from this important historical period in Irish history. An unforgettable experience for all who were lucky enough to be present! Thank you David and Ms. Mannion for organising this event!

        SESE Walking Tour

        Ms. Dolan, Ms. Flannery, Ms. Keane, Ms. Rogerson and all 2nd classes went on a walking tour of Roscommon. They have been learning about 'Our Locality' in SESE and the walk was a great learning opportunity to consolidate their learning.

        Camogie Blitz

        Our camogie team played in a recent blitz in Lisnamult. Here they are pictured with some of the All Ireland U14 players and cup.

        Maths Week ran from the 13th - 21st October and the boys and girls in St. Comán's Wood were busy enjoying a range of maths activities inside and outside their classrooms. Have a look through our image gallery below and see some of the activities that the boys and girls in 3rd, 4th and 5th class have been enjoying.

        Estimation Challenge

        Well done to our winners on the senior site, who were the closest at guessing the weight of a pumpkin, the number of sweets in a container and the amount of money in a jar.


        GAA Fundamental Movement Skills (ABC)

        The ABC/Have-a-Ball Nursery Programmes are a series of fun-based exercises to develop basic movement and motor skills for children aged 4 to 8 years old. These skills form the basis for the later development of the specific skills of Hurling and Gaelic Football.

        Our junior classes have enjoyed taking part in the GAA ABC sports' skills programme over the past number of weeks. We have had a number of fantastic coaches come into the school and work with the children, helping to develop a love of the sport and to develop the basic skills children need to play hurling and gaelic football. Thank you to all involved!

        Athletics Medalists

        A number of our pupils recently won medals in the County Athletics competition. Well done to all of the children who represented our school on the day!

        Parents' Association Update

        Draft Constitution of the Parents' Association

        Dear Parents,

        Please click here to read a draft copy of the constitution of our Parents' Association. We are inviting feedback and would appreciate if you could forward any suggested amendments to us ahead of our next meeting in November. Suggestions can be made in writing and addressed to the Chairperson of the Parents' Association, c/o St. Comán's Wood Primary School.

        We appreciate all input and look forward to receiving your feedback.


        Following the AGM of the Parents' Association on the 27th September, the following positions were filled:

        Chairperson: Clodagh White
        Vice Chairperson: Imelda Quinn
        Treasurer: Alistair Kerr
        Vice Treasurer: Shivanthy Gately
        Secretary: Niamh Hughes
        Corresponding Secretary: Kristina Anic
        PRO: Geraldine Grealy

        Bag Packing

        St. Comán's Wood Parents Association organised a 'Bag Packing' day in Tesco on 20th October from 10am to 6pm. Thank you to everyone who helped out and to those in our community who generously supported us.

        Please visit the Parents' Association section of our website by clicking here or on the menu item above, to keep up to date with the work of the Parents' Association. 

        Child Protection

        On 11th December, 2017, new Child Protection Procedures were implemented for all primary and post-primary schools in line with the Children First Act.

        This has brought about some changes to the way schools deal with child protection issues. 

        For further information on Children First please click here.